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Disclaimer: This blog features alternative, esoteric, mystical, even fantastical content. In no case Loris Vitry treats or cures any pathology whatsoever, he simply presents alternative methods. Therefore, you must consult your doctor in matters of health and do not rely on any of the information presented here.

Did you know that we can measure your level of energy and consciousness with a dowsing pendulum?

pendulum and vibratory level

Indeed, all physicists affirm it: EVERYTHING in the universe is made up of atoms…

And if the cell is the smallest unit of measurement in biology, the atom is the smallest unit of measurement in physics.

For information, only one of your cells is made up of 1000 billion atoms.

In other words, your body is made up of billions of billions of atoms, just like animals, plants, stones, planets, the sun…

Even the air you breathe is made up of atoms (air is made up of dioxygen, also called O², ie 2 oxygen atoms).

And an atom is simply a small power plant. We can therefore say that EVERYTHING in the Universe, and therefore your body too, is electrical in nature, and therefore vibratory (electricity produces waves that vibrate).

In truth, it is the movement of electrons around the nucleus that produces energy, electricity, in short waves and light.

Except that each atom does not vibrate on the same vibrational frequency and does not produce the same quantity of energy, of electricity.

This is how an atom can be defined by 2 parameters: its vibrational frequency and its energy (magnetism).

What is vibrational frequency?

Vibrational frequency is the speed at which electrons spin around the nucleus of an atom.

atom and vibration

The faster it spins, the more the atom vibrates and produces energy.

But what you must understand is that the vibratory frequency of an atom is defined by an intelligent and conscious FORCE commonly called GOD.

It is in truth GOD, the universal conscience (your divine body), which manages the electrical production of each atom of the Universe.

This is why we say that GOD is everything, and Everything is GOD, because GOD creates and manages the entire universe by modulating the vibrational frequency of atoms.

Your vibrational frequency is therefore directly linked to your level of consciousness (connection to GOD).

And by using a pendulum and a dowsing dial like the one below, one can easily measure one’s vibrational frequency in Bovis Units.

What is magnetism?

If the vibrational frequency (consciousness) manages the movement of the atom, the magnetism is the amount of energy produced by the atom.

The higher your magnetism, the more your atoms produce electricity, and therefore light and waves.

Thus, the higher your magnetism, the more powerful your aura. You are then said to be a luminous, magnetic, attractive, radiant person, etc. These are actually the characteristics of your soul.

In general, the higher your vibrational frequency (consciousness), the higher your magnetism (energy).

But this is not always the case. Indeed, it is possible to be very conscious, but to have very little vital energy, when one is sick for example.

We can also measure your energy/magnetism using a pendulum and a dowsing dial.

What is the vibrational level?

For years I have individually measured the vibrational frequency and magnetism of my clients.

But for some customers, the results were so high that the measurements became inaccurate. It then became difficult to judge their progress.

So I decided to measure their overall vibrational level (not to be confused with vibrational frequency).

The vibratory level is a measurement that includes the vibratory frequency (level of consciousness) but also the magnetism (level of subtle energy).

This measurement then becomes much more reliable and makes it possible to accurately judge the evolution of my clients.

Indeed, this measurement is carried out with a pendulum and a dowsing dial ranging from 0 to 10.

This simple measurement therefore makes it possible to instantly determine your level of current evolution, that is to say your energetic and spiritual power.

Click here to download the dial

How do I measure my vibrational level myself?

Anyone can do this with a pendulum and a dowsing dial ranging from 0 to 10.

Just position the tip of your pendulum, at the bottom in the middle of your dial, and ask the question: “Please pendulum, what is my vibratory level?”.

By asking this question, your individual consciousness connects to the universal consciousness (GOD) which holds all the secrets of the universe.

dowsing pendulum to measure its vibratory frequency

If you do not master the pendulum (and even if you do), then I invite you to have this measurement carried out by another energy therapist, whether it be me or another person, in order to confirm your results.

This measurement will allow you to know precisely your spiritual evolution (from 0 to 10).

In fact, 0 corresponds to a null, non-existent vibration, which is impossible in the universe, because EVERYTHING is alive, vibrating, because EVERYTHING is made up of atoms (even if the polarities can be positive or negative).

It is therefore impossible to obtain the result 0.

Everything starts from vibration 1, which corresponds to a minimum vibration, which just allows to be, to exist (but without any energy). In general, it is the departed souls who have this minimum vibration.

Some people can also get this result because they have “sold” their soul to evil entities who feed on it in exchange for benefits in the material (illusory) world. These people are therefore animated, not by their deceased soul, but by an evil entity (we then speak of possession).

Level 10 corresponds to a maximum vibration, that is to say the vibration of GOD Almighty. If you get a score of 10, your individual soul has completely merged into the universal soul that is Almighty GOD, like a drop of water merging into the entire ocean.

We then speak of the ultimate spiritual awakening, the perfect unity with GOD.

So you are somewhere between these 2 vibrations.

It is therefore essential to know your current vibrational level in order to be able to compare later.

For example, I always measure the vibrational level of my clients, before and after an energy healing session.

Why is my vibrational level so important?

Your vibratory level is of paramount importance because it determines your authority in the invisible world.

If in the real world there is a hierarchy determined by your social status and your money, in the invisible world, only your vibrational level determines your authority.

Your soul is therefore automatically positioned in a hierarchy according to its vibrational level.

And this authority will be declined in several ways, here are some examples:

1) More evolved souls automatically help on less evolved souls.

In the invisible world, this is done automatically depending on the intensity of the aura. The more evolved souls pull up the less evolved souls.

Thus, level 9 souls are the highest authorities that exist in the unseen world (just below Almighty GOD, level 10). They are called the hands of GOD.

Normally these souls should be the spiritual leaders and especially the rulers of our real world.

Except that unfortunately, because of the corruption of EVIL, there is no longer any correspondence between the visible and invisible world.

In other words, in our world, it is often the less evolved souls (possessed and controlled by evil entities) who are in strategic positions (government, finance, medicine, etc.).

Turn on your television and see where these souls have taken our world…

2) There is also a hierarchy for evil souls.

In the beginning, GOD separated Light from darkness, Good from Evil.

As much as there are level 9 luminous beings, there are also very powerful level 9 evil souls.

Except that the operation is different for the dark side of the FORCE. Indeed, rather than helping, the more evolved evil souls vampirize the lower level souls.

These evil entities thus form a pyramidal system which brings the vampirized energy to the top.

Thus, these evil entities have under their command an army of less evolved evil souls (demons, evil entities, parasites, etc.) who serve and feed them by vampirizing lost souls.

For example, level 5 evil entities vampirize lower souls in 1-2-3-4, and bring the energy up to their higher ones. Thus, level 9 evil entities often vampirize several thousands/millions of souls at the same time, which gives them an absolutely terrifying power for the person with a low vibrational level.

And I think you guessed it…these level 9 evil souls are hiding behind the global oligarchic elite who are robbing and enslaving people around the world.

Their objective is to weaken as many souls as possible in order to better vampirize them, but above all to avoid the awakening of new spiritual masters (level 9-10) who could easily chase them away.

Is the whole people vampirized by a level 9 evil soul?

Firstly, there is not ONE, but several evil souls of level 9, commonly called the Devil, Lucifer, Satan, but there are many others less known.

Secondly, these level 9 evil souls can very easily penetrate the soul-consciousness of any lower soul (however, they cannot penetrate a soul-consciousness of the same level 9 or level 10).

When I say “penetrate”, it means that they can stick to your soul to vampirize your energy, but especially obscure and manipulate your consciousness.

evil entity

They mainly use your mind to inject thoughts into it (99% of your thoughts are actually those of evil entities). This is how they create a matrix, a system, an illusory world, based on the collective mind, which allows them to continue to feed on your energy.

So, if you have an agitated mind with negative thoughts spinning on a loop, then chances are you are vampirized and manipulated by a level 9 evil entity (or lower).

On the other hand, if you are a level 9 soul, then you live most of the time in the present moment, without thinking. You use your mind occasionally to serve this present moment. For example, if you are working on a project, then you use your mind to find solutions. But the mind of the level 9 soul is, most of the time, very calm.

And if ever negative thoughts and emotions appear in his consciousness, then the level 9 soul would know that it is an evil entity trying to penetrate his aura to vampirize him. Obviously, the soul of level 9 will not let it go, and will pray as much as necessary to chase away EVIL.

I have the impression that EVIL is doing everything to destroy me?

EVIL doesn’t want to kill you, because it needs your light to feed and survive.

But EVIL wants to weaken you, it wants to decrease your vibratory level (energy-consciousness), in order to keep you in a state of slavery.

The whole world is thus prisoner of a matrix, of a system, of an illusion, maintained essentially by a collective mind agitated and manipulated by EVIL.

But fortunately, it is possible to break out of this matrix, understanding that 99% of your thoughts are evil (even your seemingly positive thoughts).

At this stage of spiritual awakening, you no longer function by thinking, but rather by following your soul, that is, your heart. You continue to live in the system, the illusion, the matrix, and even to think from time to time, but knowing perfectly how to separate Good from Evil.

You then evolve in peace, and above all free from all evil entities.

How can I increase my vibrational level?

Your vibrational level is the sum of many factors such as your level of consciousness, your level of magnetism (subtle energy of the soul), your level of vitality (gross energy of the physical body), your life path (age of your soul), etc.

There are therefore a number of small healthy habits to put in place in order to increase your vibrational level: vibrational food, conscious breathing, intelligent physical activity, non-toxic social relationships, frequentation of holy places and wise people, etc.

And it is the sum of all these little habits that will allow you to increase your vibration and therefore change your destiny.

What is the link between my vibratory level and my destiny?

It’s very simple… the higher your vibrational level, the more your soul-consciousness evolves on higher dimensions.

Put more simply, a soul close to 1-2 (dead soul) lives in hell, that is, in the lowest vibrations that exist.

NOTE: Being a departed soul, stuck in the dimension just parallel to ours, is the worst fate that can befall you.

On the other hand, a soul close to 9-10 (spiritual master) lives in paradise, that is to say in the highest vibrations that exist. It is commonly said that this soul evolves among the gods/goddesses (powerful souls).

All incarnated souls therefore live in the same physical world, but not at all in the same state of mind, in the same dimension.

NOTE: GOD and his hands (soul 9-10) will do anything to help lift you up so that you too can reach heaven. While evil souls will do anything to bring you down to hell.

I am old and sick, can I still elevate myself spiritually?

In truth, your body is only 5% of your whole being.

These 5% correspond to the visible vibratory spectrum of the universe, that is to say the colors of the rainbow.

The remaining 95% are the invisible vibratory spectrum of the universe, precisely where your soul-consciousness evolves.

99% of people focus on the health of their body, even though it is only a tiny part of who they are (only 5%).

In truth, you can have an old, sick, and tired body, and yet awaken spiritually.

The perfect example is Ramana Maharshi, a realized master who was evolving at the time in a body tainted by parasites and disease (he died very young).

On the other hand, I advise against neglecting your body in favor of your soul-consciousness, as many spiritual paths recommend.

Because as the prophet Jesus said, it is not a question of going to Heaven, but rather of bringing Heaven to Earth.

In other words, it is a question of reaching, in this life, level 10 of the soul-consciousness, that is to say the ultimate awakening, but then it is a question of radiating the light of GOD in our visible world.

And the doorway to divine light is your physical body…

If he is sick and tired, then the light will not shine through, however powerful your soul.

On the other hand, if you are awake and your body is optimal (a holy spirit in a healthy body), then your body will radiate all the divine light around you.

GOD does not want you to join him in Heaven (level 10), but rather that you spread his Light on Earth (by being connected to Heaven). This nuance is essential for your future.

Will I go to heaven after I die?

Heaven and hell are not places, but vibrational levels.

You can rise in heaven, but also burn in hell, here and now.

And your current vibration is actually dependent on all of your past choices (karma), and so your future vibration will be dependent on your present choices.

It is therefore very important to make the right choices, here and now, in order to evolve, but above all to die in the right vibration.

Indeed, dying with a high vibration assures you of reincarnation in a “softer” life on Earth, or even reincarnation on the more subtle planes (among the gods and goddesses), what is precisely called Paradise.

On the other hand, dying with a low vibration assures you of reincarnation in a life of suffering (sometimes even reincarnation as an animal), or even non-reincarnation, because you will be blocked in our dimension, that is to say that you you will be a wandering dead soul, the worst suffering there is.

It is therefore essential to take care of your vibration now!

How not to be a wandering dead soul?

First, do not sell your soul to the Devil for material benefits. If you do, you allow evil entities to vampirize you and thus steal your energy until your soul is completely dissolved.

For example, many celebrities are seemingly happy with their money, except they are dead souls possessed by powerful evil entities.

And second, you must die in a high vibration, which means you will have made the right choices in your present life.

In other words, by preparing for your death today, you will obviously make the best choices during your lifetime.

People who have made the wrong choices, such as selling their souls for material benefits, will unfortunately experience the worst suffering, that of being stuck in the “low astral” (hell) where all kinds of evil entities.

In this hell you will wander in search of a little light, as billions of other wandering souls do today.

After many years expiating your sins (purgatory), GOD will perhaps offer you to join the natural cycle of reincarnations (another chance will then be given to you).

Your destiny (hell or paradise) therefore depends on the choices and actions you will take HERE and NOW.

Why is my life hell when I pray every day?

You suffer because your vibrational level is closer to 1 than to 10, it’s as simple as that.

Unfortunately, if you pray with a low vibrational level, then your prayers will not get any favorable response. Worse, if you pray in a negative state, then you will attract even more of the negative (law of attraction).

So you must first change your vibration, raise it, gain height, grow in consciousness, then pray.

Hell will then turn into paradise, without even having changed location, because it is your vibration that will have evolved.

I want to raise my vibrational level, what do you offer me concretely?

1) First, I suggest you measure your vibratory level with my pendulum.

This will give you a point of reference against which you can later judge your progress.

Note that this measurement will be checked by an assistant in order to obtain a reliable result.

2) Second, I offer you a free energy healing session every 1st of each month.

This monthly energy treatment will allow you to check if you are receptive to our healing prayers.

3) And finally, I offer you a daily energy healing session for a month.

Rather than receiving one free treatment per month, you will receive one per day.

But these daily energy treatments come at a cost.

Will I maintain my vibrational level after your energy treatments?

The vibratory level is a very evolutionary variable.

You can experience a dazzling awakening (heaven) for a few years and be plunged back into hell in a split second.

For example, there are priests (of all religions) who have worked for years to raise their vibration, to then fall back into hell by commenting on a single sin (rape, pedophilia, etc.).

As long as you have not reached ultimate awakening (vibrational level 10), evil entities will work to make you fall into Hell…

So it all depends on your decisions and actions, day by day, second by second.

If you act in the right direction, for GOD, for peace, for love, then you will increase your vibrational level.

But if you act in the wrong direction, against GOD, then you will fall… even if you do hundreds of energy healings.

Our energy treatments should be considered as a BONUS to your actions and decisions.

But understand that it is up to you to choose the life you wish to manifest.

I am only here to accompany and support the process that YOU will have put in place.

Do you have a secret to tell me before I start the adventure?


You are in essence a part of GOD, you are in truth already pure divine light, you are already perfect, you are already vibrating at the vibrational level of 10.

Except that on this divine perfection that you already are, you have accumulated darkness, karma, sins.

So it’s not about becoming more this or more that, developing yourself personally, gaining abilities or whatever, but it’s just about becoming who you already are.

To meet GOD and therefore who you are in essence, is a path of stripping, of cleaning, where we remove rather than add.

It’s not about adding light, but rather taking away the darkness.

So remove the darkness and the light will come forth because it is right there, below the black…

Understanding this secret will quickly lead you to enlightenment, to the end of all illusions.


Please read the page to the end because I offer several services:

– measure only your vibrational level

– make a complete energy and spiritual balance (including the measurement of your vibrational level)

– carry out daily energy care (not including any measurement, you do it by yourself)

Measuring your vibrational level

First of all, know that you can measure your vibratory level yourself with a pendulum and a dowsing dial.

But I also believe that it is essential to have your measurement checked by an experienced energy healer, because unfortunately your results can be influenced by surrounding negative energies (in your aura or in your home).

This is why I always work as a team, in order to provide you with a reliable measurement, verified by at least 2 energy therapists.

If you want to order a single measurement (your vibrational level), then click click here (currently not available).

NOTE: Many people ask me why the price of a simple measure is so high. This is for several reasons. First, all our measurements are made in duplicate, by 2 energy healers in order to provide you with a reliable measurement. Secondly, taking a measurement takes a lot of time because there is a protective ritual to put in place before connecting to the subtle world. And finally thirdly, after each measurement, I must also do a cleansing ritual, because when I connect to your energy structure (soul) to do your measurement, ALL the entities that vampirize you (if there are any) will automatically come visit me. So I often spend an hour cleaning my workplace before I can take another measurement. In other words, I can do 2 to 3 measurements per day maximum.

Do your complete assessment

Knowing your vibrational level is essential, because you will be able to check your progress in a few weeks/months to see if your actions/decisions/practices are effective.

But some people are thirsty for knowledge, and want to know EVERYTHING about their soul-consciousness.

I therefore also offer you a complete energy and spiritual balance sheet with about twenty different measures which, in my opinion, are the most important in order to progress quickly.

– your vibratory level (level of consciousness and magnetism of the soul)
– your level of vitality (level of vital energy in the body)
– your life path (does not always correspond to your date of birth)
– activity rate of your 7 chakras (blocked or too open)
– your food energy situation (are you eating enough energy, calories?)
– your mineral situation (percentage of your mineral reserves in the body)
– your karmic situation (how many malefics, negative charges, are active against you and therefore to be purged)
– how many evil entities are vampirizing you
– average vibratory level of your country (does your country raise you or lower you?)
– average vibratory level of the inhabitants of your country (do the people who live in your country raise you or lower you?)
– average vibratory level of your city (does your country raise you or lower you?)
– average vibratory level of the inhabitants of your city (do the people who live in your city raise you or lower you?)
– vibration level of your home
– number of evil entities vampirizing your home
– vibrational level of a person of your choice (your life partner, child or parent)

To order a complete energy balance sheet, click here (not currently available).

Carry out your daily energy treatments

Knowing your vibrational level, and all the characteristics of your soul-consciousness, is really good, but then you are going to have to act effectively to raise your vibration.

To do this, there are two methods:

1) Walk by yourself

I don’t know your spiritual practices, but know that 80% of popular methods are completely ineffective. I wasted over 15 years “consuming” spiritual techniques with no results.

But fortunately, there are very simple and really very powerful methods.

If you order a single measurement, or a complete assessment, then I will reveal to you AS A BONUS the technique, simple, effective, powerful, which allowed me to raise my vibrational level to the maximum.

This technique is the one I still use today to continue to cleanse myself (karma and vampires) in order to raise myself ever closer to GOD.

Please note, this technique does not replace your daily actions/decisions, i.e. doing good, breaking your karmic ties, ending toxic relationships, etc.

2) Receive energy healing

Learning to walk alone is essential in spirituality, because you must become independent and free from all influences in order to listen to your own inner master, that is to say your heart, that is to say your soul, which knows the perfect path towards GOD.

But frankly, I would never have been able to rise so quickly without receiving regular energy care. Indeed, receiving energy care can accelerate your ascent by clearing all that blocks (karma, entities, limiting beliefs, etc.).

If you let go, and allow GOD to transform your life, it can go very very fast!

This is why I, in turn, offer you a “little” free energy treatment every 1st of the month in order to contribute to the awakening of humanity.

But, some people want to evolve faster! This is why I also offer “small” daily energy treatments to support and accelerate your personal journey.

To order a small daily energy treatment for 1 month, Click here.

With Love and Light,
Loris Vitry

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